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Scottish Country dance classes are great for exercising and socializing. Honolulu weekly classes are held each Monday at Paradise Park in Manoa. We start the evening with warm-up, easy steps, and simple dances perfect for beginners or the experienced dancer looking to review and refine the basics.  We then step it up a notch with more advanced dances and techniques. Everyone is welcome.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more info on Scottish country dancing, what to wear, and what to expect from your first class.

Class Fees

Single class: $8.00
Full Semester (10 classes): $72.00

First-time visitors receive the first class FREE.
The price is for the class as a whole, no matter how much of any single class a dancer participates in.

RSCDS Membership

RSCDS-Hawaii membership primarily supports the activities of RSCDS. As an organization, we sponsor dancing, and usually dining, social events about once a month. RSCDS-Hawaii members receive discounted rates for certain events held throughout the year.

We put on dance demonstrations at various occasions, including the Moilli’ili Fair at Stadium Park, the Children & Youth Fair at the Hawaii State Capitol grounds, Burns Supper, and the Hawaiian Scottish Festival.  For information for having a Scottish Country Dancing presentation at your event, call one of the instructors.


Instructor Bruce McEwan attained his preliminary certificate in 1993 in Honolulu, HI and has been teaching at the Hawaii branch RSCDS ever since. Besides teaching in Hawaii, Bruce has danced in St. Andrews, Boston, Chicago, Southern California, and has taught and danced in Japan.

Instructor Michael McIntosh has been dancing Scottish Country Dancing since moving to Hawaii in 2001. After years of dancing, Michael attained his Level 1 certification in August of 2017 from Saint Andrews, Scotland.

Instructor Melissa Lindsay attained Level 1 certification in July 2009 in Saint Andrews,  Scotland.

The teachers try to impart in the students the idea of importance of technique and phrasing as a means to truly appreciate all that a dance can be.  They believe that SCD has an energizing effect and encourage all levels of dancers to have fun with the dance.

For more information on the classes, contact either of the branch teachers: Michael McIntosh (808-280-4941), Bruce McEwan (808-538-7707), or Melissa Lindsay (808-256-3347).

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