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ThisWeek-Hawaii Tartan

The Peat Fire Flame

The Peat Fire Flame3/4L · R40

Devised by: John Drewry (1964)
Published in: Bon Accord Book of Scottish Country Dances

1-8: 1s cast 1 place & dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2s & turn 3/4 LH to face 1st corners
9-16: 1s turn 1st corner RH, pass partner RSh & turn 2nd corner LH pass partner LSh to face 1st corners
17-24: 1s dance 1/2 diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corners & 1/2 diagonal reel with 2nd corners to end in centre BtoB facing 3rd corners (1st corner persons)
25-32: 1s set to 3rd corners & dance round one another clockwise to 4th corners, set & dance clockwise to face out on opposite sides
33-40: 1s dance out & cast round 1st corner into centre while 2s & 3s dance 1/2 R&L, 2s+1s+3s turn RH

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