The Zoologist

The Zoologist 3/4L · J32 1-8: 1s cross down between 2s+3s & cast to right to face 2L/3M, dance 1/2 LSh reel of 3 across (1L with 2s, 1M with 3s) & end facing 1st corner (pstn)9-16: 1s dance 1... Read More

New Year Jig

New Year Jig 3/4L · J32 1-8: 1s dance Fig 8 on own sides (pass 2s RSh to start). 1L ends facing out9-16: Reels of 3 on sides (1s+2s pass RSh to start). 1L end facing out17-24: 1L followed by 1M dance... Read More

The Milltimber Jig

The Milltimber Jig2/4L · J32 1-8: 1L+2M set & change places RH while 1M+2L change places RH & set, 1s+2s repeat back to places9-16: 1s+2M dance reel of 3 across (2M+1L pass RSh to start)17-... Read More