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2023 ALOHA WINTER WEEKEND Dance Programs
(click a dance name to view crib notes)


DanceSet/Dance InfoPublication
Mrs Stewart’s Jig8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 35
The Highland Rambler8×40 R 3C (4C)Thirty Popular Dances, Volume Two
The Gentleman8×32 S 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 35
A Capital Jig8X32 J 3C (4C)5 dances 2009
The Braes of Tulliemet8×32 S 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 7
Polharrow Burn5×32 R 5C (5C)Glendarroch SD
The Roselath Cross8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 41
Catch the Wind8×32 R 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 45
Sandy Butterly4×48 J 4CLet’s All Dance Too
Linnea’s Strathspey8×32 S 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 47
The Edinburgh Toy Shop8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 51
Flowers of Edinburgh8X32 R 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 1


DanceSet/Dance InfoPublication
New Year Jig8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 51
Shiftin’ Bobbins8×32 R 3C (4C)Ormskirk Scottish Dances
Cherrybank Gardens3X32 J 3C (3C)Bankhead Book
Follow Me Home8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 38
The Peat Fire Flame8×40 R 3C (4C)Bon Accord Book of SCD
City of Belfast3×32 S 3C (3C)RSCDS Book 48
It’s Nae Bother8×32 J 2C (4C)A Second Book of Graded SCD
The Montgomeries’ Rant8×32 R 3C (4C) RSCDS Book 10 
Pelorus Jack8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 41
J.B. Milne8×32 R 3C (4C) Angus Fitchett Album
Hello-Goodbye8×32 S 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 51
Red House8×40 R 2C (4C)RSCDS Book 7
Culla Bay4×32 S (4C)RSCDS Book 41
The Chequered Court8×32 J 3C (4C)RSCDS Book 42
The Reel of the Royal Scots 8×32 R 3C (4C) SCD Leaflets 

The Saturday evening program will also include two dances taught during the Saturday class.

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